Welcome to the NH Sea Grant Project Information Database. The links below will help you to explore our research and extension projects and to learn what we're accomplishing through these activities. They will also lead you to overviews of our work with graduate and undergraduate students, of how we disseminate the information we produce and collect, and of how we work with our stakeholders to focus our resources on the most appropriate marine-related problems.

  Research The Big Picture — Go here to search our activities program-wide.
  Research Research — Look here for information on the research we've funded since 1998.
  Extension Extension/Outreach — Select this option for more information on our extension activities, which range from sustainable aquaculture to marine science education.
  Education Education — Check out the interdisciplinary projects undergrads pursue through the NHSG-supported Tech 797 (Ocean Projects) course.
  Fellows Fellowships — We're always looking to match up graduate students from New Hampshire with marine-related fellowships.
  Management Management — This is the right choice if you're looking for information on our governance and our strategic planning.
  Communications Communications — Choose this link to learn more about NHSG's production and management of communications products.
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